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A typical workshop runs from mid-morning until late afternoon, allowing people to travel the same day. A selection of metrical Psalms and hymns, an anthem, responses, canticles, perhaps carols and folk songs, will be printed and comb-bound to suit your needs. Music is usually in four parts, SATB, accompanied by woodwind and strings. Music can be provided for transposing instruments. Brass instruments are OK in moderation, but sometimes overpowering. English concertinas can play the music in good hands. Anglos, melodeons, guitars and keyboards are less suitable. Instrumentalists should be Grade IV or above. Our musical director has run many workshops all over the country, some culminating in an Evensong or showcase concert.

The workshop can be in a church or hall. It should be warm enough, with plenty of chairs, toilets and a kitchen for beverages. A nearby pub can provide lunches, or people can be asked to bring food. We often bring food to share.

Shorter workshops can be run as part of another event, perhaps a folk festival. These are typically 90 minutes, and give a taste of our music with about six choral items, usually supported by experienced singers and players.

We have a large collection of band music, and have provided the occasional purely instrumental workshop.

Contact our musical director to discuss your needs, as each workshop is unique.

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