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We usually offer this programme only from December 1st until Twelfth Night. It looks at some customs pertaining to particular days over the period, quoting from Thomas Hardy, Washington Irving, Kilvert, Woodforde, Skinner and various contemporaries of the music. We include carols for "going the rounds", psalms and anthems for church services, and some secular entertainment. In the past we have performed three different mummers plays, and have more to research.

Our programmes are continually improved, and different music may be substituted from time to time.

We Singers Make Bold is sung in many parts of the country, and has many local variants. Our version was collected in High Ham and published by the Somerset Federation of Women's Institutes with musical editing by Michael Burton.

The words of Shepherds on their flocks attending are by Joseph Hart (1712-68), part of Hymn XIV in his Hymns &c (1759), and subtitled "Christmas". The music was written by Samuel Wakely, published as No. 4 of Four New Christmas Hymns ca.1820. In 1908 Frank Harrington of Cadnam sang the same tune and words to the Edwardian folk-song collector, George Gardiner.

Arise and Hail the Glorious Star was found by Dr. Ralph Dunstan in a manuscript book which had belonged to Mr. W. C. Dunstone of Portloe. He printed it in his Cornish Song Book, 1929.

York tune is from a manuscript which belonged to a Hampshire man, John Wigg, the page being dated 1839. He probably lived near Preston Candover. The words "Behold the Grace Appears" are from Isaac Watts' Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Book 1, Hymn 3.

The words of The Moon Shines Bright are a typical folk carol mixture, including part of Psalm 90 and some New Testament paraphrases. The music is a traditional tune, arranged as number 24 in Christmas Carols Old & New by Bramley & Stainer. Other fragmentary tunes were collected in Hampshire by George Gardiner.

Newton's or St Paul's, our tune for "Hark the Herald Angels sing" comes from a manuscript from Poole, ca.1836.

Dance:Sir Roger de Coverley. Tunes: Sir Roger de Coverley and Come fly, let's a' to the Bridal, both arranged for our band.

Bethleham tune is from the manuscript dated 1848 of John Barrow, leader of the choir at Barton-in-Fabis, Nottinghamshire. We have matched it to Psalm 98 in the New Version of the Metrical Psalms by Tate & Brady.

Cranbrook tune by Thomas Clark of Canterbury appeared in his first Sett of Psalm & Hymn Tunes, 1805. Please join in the words by Tate & Brady, which appeared in the Supplement to the New Version about 1701.

Joy to the World. Music by Thomas Shoel (1759-1823) of Montacute, Somerset, published beyween 1794 and 1800. The words are part 2 of Isaac Watts' paraphrase of Psalm 98, which he subtitled "The Messiah's coming and kingdom."


The King Pippin Polka was composed by Charles d’Albert (1809-86), and we have arranged it for our band.

OurMummers Play is from Quidhampton in northern Hampshire. We include "Our noble hero comes" as sung by Otterbourne Mummers, "Once we was wounded" from the Pottern Mummers, and The Battle of the Nile March from a Widecombe manuscript.

The melody of God bless the Master of this House was collected by George Gardiner in Hampshire. We arranged it for our choir.

The Dilly Carol is from Cornwall. Please join in.

The melody of the Hop and Skip Polka is from Kerr Vol. IV, number 438, and we arranged it for our band.

Both words and music of Bright Angels come from the Bundell manuscript, which is anonymous, and probably started in 1837.

The Mistletoe Bough is a favourite parlour song, with words by Thomas Haynes Bayly (1797-1839), and music by Sir Henry Rowley Bishop (1786-1855). Please join in the chorus.

Dance:The Lancers, to our arrangements of The Lass 'o Paties Mill and The Merry Month of May.

Hark Those Hallelujahs Pealing is an extended anthem from a manuscript which belonged to Thomas Nosworthy of Widecombe.

The Duke of Gloster’s March. The air & 2nd are from the manuscript of Richard Pyle of Nether Wallop, now in Hampshire Record Office.

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